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Drone – The MAT 54 – Art Print

60.00 incl Btw

Prints are Limited to 20 Copies. Personalized, Signed and Numbered by Drone

70 x 50 cm | Fine Art print | 300 grams |
Epson Cotton Textured Bright paper

Shipping Worldwide

All profits go to a cancer charity project

Please add your personalization name to the comments when checking out.

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Drone – The MAT 54

Fine Art Print

The third print from the Dutch Train model saga. Before this print we did a Giclee print with Vents137 and a screen-print with Dart. Then we got in touch with the style master from Utrecht, The Netherlands. We remember meeting him for the first time at a local Hall of Fame back in the days. We were both beginners, but you could tell he was the talented one. With did a couple of projects together, invited him to our events, and also hosted a Friendly Battle together. We are talking about Drone from the legendary IMPosse and the crazy FMS boys. This time we went for probably the most famous and beloved steel horse from the Dutch Railways Company; The MAT 54, also known as ‘Apekop’ or ‘Hondekop’, in the graffiti world we call this model the ‘Doggy’.


History of the doggy

The Mat ’54, short for Material ’54, was part of the electrical equipment of the Dutch Railways. The rolling stock consisted of independent four- and two-piece trainsets, officially named as Plan T and Plan V. Mat ’54 is an unofficial name. The rolling stock was often referred to as Standard Stop train. In the last years of service the name ‘Apekop’ also fell, by analogy with the nickname ‘Hondekop’ from Mat ’54, but ‘Apekop’ has never been a widely held nickname. The general public often confused Mat ’64 with Mat ’54, and called both series ‘Hondekop’ or Doggy’s.

Plan V was for years, with 246 units, the largest rolling stock series of the NS, until the arrival of the VIRM. A number of trainsets were leased to and used by various regional carriers. Mat ’54 has been in service on the Dutch railway network for 55 years, from 1961 to 2016.


About the print

The print, drawn by Drone, pictures the famous dog nose front and is colored in the classic yellow color. On top, the letters Memento Mori are drawn, which means Remember Death and reminds us all how fragile we are, just like the trains that are put out of service and buffed panels. In the middle of the print are three big skulls, together with a blue snake and a red demonic hand smoking a cigarette. The print has an old school movie feel to it. Chemistry Publishing made some detailed photos of the drawn print and after some minor touch ups the final print came to life.


Pre-sale exclusive: Personalization by artist

All prints sold in the pre-sale will be personalized by Drone.

As you can see on the second photo, Artist Proof 1 (AP1) is personalized with a Blue Drone Throw-up on top and a Grey Drone piece on the bottom.

When you buy a print in the pre-sale, please supply us with the name you want to have added to the print (you can do this in the comments when checking out), and Drone will masterfully draw it on the print in his signature style.

The print is limited to 20 pieces (4 AP). We will print them straight after the presale, and the personalization process will take some time. We hope to send your print by end of June, so please be patient. If you have any questions, please let us know by e-mail or via Instagram.

All profits made with this print will go to a cancer charity project.


Prints are Limited to 20 Copies. Personalized, Signed and Numbered.

70 x 50 cm | Fine Art print | 300 grams | Epson Cotton Textured Bright paper

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