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Quatch – MS62 – Cherry

60.00 incl Btw

Prints are Limited to 30 Copies.

Signed and Numbered by QUATCH

  • 4 colours
  • 260 grams
  • 50 x 70 cm
  • Silkscreen Art print
  • Free Life Vellum paper
  • MS62 painted by Quatch Postcard
  • Stickerpack

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Quatch – MS62 – Cherry

Silkscreen Print 50 x 70

We cannot believe it ourselves, but the Saga continuous. This time we wanted to expand our view to a neighbouring country. One that has one of the most intriguing and complex train networks. A small country with a big variety of train models. We asked illustrious QUATCH from NAWAS which of those he would like to illustrate. Belgium has many classic beauties – but he immediately picked this one. Its nickname sounds sweet and it is a treat to have painted it once in your life, its a pitty that they stopped running.

We are talking about the MS62 – Cherry, also known as ‘Klassiek Motorstel’. For the promotion video he wanted to do something ‘special’, and asked for Loop Colors in a specific colour scheme. When we supplied him with the goodies, we could not have imagined the troubles he would take. Somehow and somewhere he located one of the last Cherries in existence on a secret location and painted it with a Burner piece…

About the print

This design by QUATCH is a very cool tribute to the MS62 – Cherry. On the top he puts the words CHERRY in a nice bold font, coloured burgundy with a white stripe, just like the train itself. Next to it a pair of CherrySkulls to commemorate the death of this famous train model. In the center, QUATCH has drawn a city layout and on the bridge you can find the icon’s silhouette driving through the night. The Cherry cruises through the landscape and comes out the (T)unnel of the yellow QUATCH piece. Joopie is happily swinging and singing through the scenery, looking for the MS62 train to paint.

These 50 x 70 Silkscreen prints are executed in 4 layers by Chez William, in the colours Burgundy, Yellow, Grey and black. All prints are hand signed and numbered in a series of 30 pieces. With each print you will receive a post card of the painted cherry MS62 -165 and a sticker pack containing, the CherrySkulls, Joopie x Quatch and several other stickers.


History of the Cherry

The MS62 was a type of train from the NMBS. The trains were part of the classic railcars of which about 500 appeared on the track between 1939 and the 1970s.

Production of the MS62 spread over the years 1962, 1963 and 1965 and is based on the MS54 and MS55, the first with disc brakes. 20 trains were made by SNCB’s own workshops in Mechelen. The remaining 80 were built by private companies.The trains built in 1965, unlike the MS62 built in 1962 and 1963, had horizontal lights instead of the usual vertical lights.

In 1971 they were numbered 151-270 in four-part numbering. (the 0, the number indicating that it is a motor set, was not used). Originally the couples had a green livery, in the 90s they were coloured burgundy or cherry red. In 2013, the last ’62 was withdrawn from service, not a single set was saved.


Prints are Limited to 30 CopiesSigned and Numbered.

50 x 70 cm | Silkscreen print | 260 grams | Free Life Vellum paper

Gewicht 1 kg
Afmetingen 70 × 50 × 2 cm

50×70, A3